Justin Bieber’s New Documentary Touches On His Struggles With Lyme Disease


Fans can expect to get a glimpse into the popstar’s life, including his long-time struggle with Lyme Disease.

Justin Bieber's New Documentary To Touch On His Struggles With Lyme Disease

After tying the knot with Hailey Baldwin and taking off for his next world tour, the Biebs is officially making a comeback.

After 4 long years, the singer has finally released his new single “Yummy” and has teased his YouTube documentary series titled Justin Bieber: Seasons.

Fans can expect to get a glimpse into the popstar’s life, including his long-time struggle with Lyme Disease.

He Finally Decides To Get Treated

via The Economic Times

The Biebs first got diagnosed with Lyme disease late last year. He had taken treatments for years, prior to 2019, which proved ineffective and ultimately worsened his condition. To make matters worse, fans made cruel comments about the singer’s physical appearance. On January 5, 2020, Bieber fired back at the internet trolls by confirming he suffered from Lyme Disease.

The “Yummy” singer further explained in the Instagram post that the “disease as well as a bad case of Mono, affected his brain, skin, and energy.”

His wife, Hailey Baldwin, supported him by stating the severity of the disease and how it shouldn’t be treated as a joke.

More To Come In The Documentary Series

via YouTube

These last few years have been tough for the Biebs but thankfully, the singer knows how to look on the bright side of things.

In his new documentary series, which will air on YouTube on Jan. 27, the singer will delve deeper into his on-going battle with Lyme Disease.

Bieber deserves some major props for talking about his condition! The 10-episode series will surely pull at fan’s heartstrings.




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